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Who we are?

MTD Eu, trading as MTD Europe ltd. is a general business company,
our current main mandate is importing, exporting, retailing, distribution and trading all kind of food products.

Our years of  trading experience, together with our partner, have led to a wide variety of high quality products. We offer exclusive brands, tailor-made concepts as well as options in private labeling.

We pack and produce under the highest quality restrictions, only using the best materials.

Customer satisfaction is ensured!



Our 15 years of experience in food trading, together with our business partners, have led to a wide variety of high-quality products. We offer exclusive brands, tailor-made concepts as well as options in private labelling.

At MTD EU we have strong business ethics which inspires trust and leads to achieving results.

At MTD EU we are fair to all our business partners, staff, suppliers and most importantly clients.

At MTD EU we have a track record of success and we are happy to put you in touch with previous clients, subject to their consent.

At MTD EU we are a small firm which means we have the flexibility to respond to market changes, yet we are specialised and successful in what we do.

At MTD EU we are friendly and approachable, we will convey the business opportunity to you clearly and without any jargon.

Devoted To Our Fellow Customers and Sellers too.

We are always looking for new deals


We operate mainly between Europe and the MENA region. Our services and business spread over more than 30 countries.


We are proud to have that huge number of trade between EU and African counties, even during these difficult times.

Our Business

We represent A-brands and distribute commodity products such as sugar, salt, oil and starches. Our business partners operate in food services, manufactories, retail business in most of the European countries


We aim to provide a stable and profitable growth that results in consistent business value and return on business.


To be one of the leading food trading companies in the European market.


Trading and distributing raw & manufactured food with a special focus on high-quality premium goods. 

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