6 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website and Rank Better!

6 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website and Rank Better!

SEO experts provide multiple tips that may ultimately lead to the desired goal.

The advice varies from one SEO expert to another, but we have collected a summary of these for you.

Among the essential tips to improve SEO:

  1. Get rid of anything that disrupts the site’s download: Normally, users do not wait for more than five seconds to load the site, and then move to another site, so working on the site’s download speed is essential.
  2. Link between sites: Linking your site to a site that offers the same content is essential and may increase the confidence of the reader.
    When submitting written content, you should write to the reader and not to Google, because access by the reader to your content and
  3. Make sure that guests will read your posts. The one that gives you money, not Google, but the good content of your website, so the content must be very clear and useful.
  4. Monitor your site from time to time: Using Google Analytics is necessary because from time to time it will tell you all the reports, negatives and positives of your site.
  5. Improve the use of the theme “if using WordPress”, as not all themes achieve the top in the search engines.
  6. Make sure that the keyword must be placed at the beginning of content writing.


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