Advantages and disadvantages of both shared hosting plan and dedicated hosting. What is better?

Advantages and disadvantages of both shared hosting plan and dedicated hosting. What is better?

What is a shared hosting plan?

A shared hosting plan is a type of plan that allows multiple accounts to use the same space on a single server, and they all use a specific partition dedicated to each account.

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Advantages of a shared hosting plan

  • Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting you can get compared to dedicated hosting. Small businesses can easily afford them. You can see most of them are priced from $ 1 to $ 10 a month.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in website and server moderation as hosting service providers manage administrative tasks.
  • You will get cPanel and other easy-to-use software that can make managing websites easy.

Disadvantages of a shared hosting plan

The main downside to shared hosting is that it uses the same server resources. When one of your websites experiences a significant increase in traffic, it may affect all available resources on that server, causing the server to shut-down.

This means that your website will slow down, and of course, all other websites that are managed on the same server.

Yes! I know you are trying to save some groups by choosing a shared server, but you also need to be prepared for the challenges that come with shared hosting. Most providers seek to generate profits from a lot of sites on the same server. This work alone can cause the server to become unstable which ultimately leads to your site being offline sometimes.


What is dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server such as VPS or VDS is usually intended for large companies and e-commerce sites that handle large amounts of traffic. These high-traffic locations are unable to cope with downtime that may affect their business. Therefore, they have to choose dedicated hosting that promises them unlimited data transfer speed, disk space storage, high uptime, exceptional technical support and security.

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Benefits of a Dedicated Server

  • One of the great features of dedicated hosting. Is that the server can be monitored and configured by your client company giving you a great deal of overall flexibility to deal with large traffic surges.
  • Hosting plan. This has a strong technical support team from the hosting company.
  • You are also free to create unlimited domains on this server. This feature is especially suitable for companies with multiple departments or stores. Choosing dedicated hosting rather than renting separate servers is more cost-effective.

Downsides of using a dedicated server

  • Surprised that the dedicated server has flaws? Yes, it is! It is our duty to educate our valued readers in making the right decision before deciding on the best hosting plan to consider in their business.
  • Maintenance and Cost: One of the major drawbacks to using a dedicated server is that it is more expensive than other hosting options. As a result, maintaining and restoring such a server can be a huge challenge for website owners.
  • Technical requirements: To be able to set up a dedicated server and deal with sites hosted on it, of course you must have the skills and knowledge of comprehensive networks. Some things to be aware of include: IP routing, server mechanisms, other MX mechanisms, and records. If you do not want to learn these skills, you can use a dedicated server administrator service to control your server.


A dedicated server hosting service is the right choice if your website attracts a large number of traffic or has to handle financial transactions constantly.

However, if you are starting a new business website and you do not want to spend too much money, then SHARED HOSTING is the best choice, and all you need to do is find a reliable provider.


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